April Walford

” I entered the Center and immediately felt confident that his surroundings would be conducive to a fun, structured, learning environment. It was inviting, the staff were pleasant and knowledgeable, the children were laughing, participating and having fun. Thank you guys for your hard work with the kids!”



Flores Family

We have been bringing our daughter to Twinkle for almost two years and it has been an overall positive experience for our family. The flexibility and kind nature of the teachers makes childcare uncomplicated. Our daughter is excited to get in and begin her day.

Our child loves going to see her teachers and friends. This is reinforced by how our child tells us about the fun she’s had each day. Our child tells us about fun group learning activities and outdoor play. She explains how her teachers make her feel happy, help her solve interpersonal issues, and make her feel secure and listened to.

Personally, our favorite topic to hear about each day is what her favorite meal was. Knowing that many of the foods are prepared and cooked there is comforting, especially when she’s consistently enjoying it.

We know that each day our child goes to Twinkle, she is having a great time with people we trust, in an environment that is good for her.



Julie Santiago

I Have had a great experience with Twingkle Little Star Center these past three and a half years. My son started at the center when he was just 5 month old and now my baby is 3 months old started this month. As a parent, its hard having to leave your little one but, I soon was able to see that my children were is good and loving hands. My little boy loves going to “school” as he call it. He also enjoy playing outside, art projects, and circle time. My son learned to recite ABC’s at 2 years old and is able count to ten in Spanish and count fairly well to 20! I really appreciate the education along with the love and care that my children get when they do to daycare. My 3 year old ask me to make him to school which make me feel good about taking him. All kids have bad days and I know that when my babies are having a hard time leaving Mommy the teachers at Twingkle Little Star are there to comfort them. Thank you so much for taking in my new baby and for allowing it to be easy to trust that my babies are in good hands.